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Why Choose TRIO HIMS?

  • 10 Years of Healthcare domain expertise.
  • 200 Plus Hospitals successfully using our HIMS across India & Abroad.
  • More than 27 hospital modules in one application.
  • Handpicked team of skilled professionals.
  • Focus on core Competencies.
  • Simple, Sustainable & Scalable Solution.
  • Excellent Service and Support System.


  • Web-based/Cloud-based.
  • Integrated Data Modules.
  • Data Security and Compliance.
  • Multi-Level Framework Architect.
  • Machine Interfacing.
  • User-friendly and Customizable
  • Scalable


  • Methodical Reporting and Analytics.
  • Track Key Performance Indicators.
  • Improve Care Coordination.
  • Clinical Decision Support.
  • Administration Control.
  • Financial Management and stop revenue leakage.
  • Optimise Resource Management and Deployment.

Clinical Benefits

  • Enhance Communication and Collaboration.
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Data Accuracy and Accessibility.
  • Improve Patient Care and stratification
  • Better Patient Engagement
  • Automate Routine Tasks
  • Simplified overall hospital operations

Trio Corporation provides healthcare information management software, TRIO HIMS, tailored to the healthcare centre requirements. Our team of experts with enormous experience in the healthcare industry, wholeheartedly, dedicated to provide the secure, reliable, and cost-effective IT solution to simplify hospital’s operational tasks.

Remove paperwork and gather all your hospital’s data digitally with accuracy and precision.






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Module Feature List

    • Registration, Admit, Discharge and Transfer (RADT)
      • Patient Registration
      • Admissions
      • Transfers
      • Discharge
      • Casualty & Emergency

    • • IPD Package creation
      • Health Check-up plan
      • Health Card
      • Automatic billing with manual overrides
      • Discounting and subsidy
      • Service Wise Discounting
      • Patient receipt managed in 3 ways (1) Cash (2) Credit and (3) Settle against Deposit
      • Corporate and Insurance billing as per negotiated rates
      • Co-pay facility
      • Refund to patient, facility available against validation and verification of patients clinical transactions
      • For cashless patients cash bill can be generated if "Noncash less" flag is selected
      • For Cashless Patients, in case of Not Applicable Services" Cash bill is generated and for "Applicable Services" Credit bill is generated separately
      • pop up massage display for same service in same day for same patient.
      • Multi Mode of Payment for IP Patient.
      • Multiple mode of Payment can be configuring.
      • Credit Card Charges Configuration.
      • Credit card charges can be collect from patient separately.
      • In-patient bill monitoring
      • Cashless Approval
      • Need Approval Functionality
      • Amount Base Approval Functionality
      • Accepting patient's payment as Deposit with transaction locking facility
      • Viewing of receipts
      • Bill printing and reprinting
      • cashless discount reflect in invoice with configuration facility
      • Hospital can configure refund threshold limit for cash above limit it will auto cheque refund
      • Consultation fee can be taken on
      • First consultation
      • free Follow-up
      • Follow-up consultation
      • Free consultation days can be configure specialty wise
      • Cash collection reports
      • Cashless flow for
      •  Insurance
       Government Schemes
       Corporate Clients
       Charity/NGO/Trust/School

    • Patient Consultation – OPD And IPD
      • Patient EMR
      • Prescription

    • • Templates stored in Microsoft Word format.
      • Other than Radiologist, Reports can be only viewed in .pdf format
      • Integration with PACS
      • Radiology Order Processing
      • Result Verification & Reporting
      • Film Consumption
      • Scheduling of Appointment
      •Technician or Radiologist can view previous report to compare with current report.

    • • Patient health information including demographics
      • Progress Notes
      • Problems
      • Medications
      • Vital Signs
      • Past Medical History
      • Immunizations
      • Administrative System Data
      • Laboratory System Data
      • Radiology System Reports
      • Pharmacy System Data Clinical Documentation
      • Ability to generate a complete record of clinical patient encounter, as well as supporting other care related activities directly or in-directly via interface.
      • EHR enable the administrator to obtain data for billing, Physician to see trends in the effectiveness of treatments, a nurse to report an adverse reaction and Researcher to analyze
      • Doctor wise dynamic Medical Record generation facility

    • • Administrative and Clinic Management Reports
      • Configurable Test
      • Test Name
      • Faculty to which it belongs to
      • Test wise container defined
      • Re-agent used
      • Deviation ranges for panic high/ low etc.
      • Formula base test.
      • Multicolumn base test.
      • Test request can be raised from OPD and Wards.
      •Sample Collection with Barcode Generation
      • Configuration based on Sample Collection, Dispatch &Acknowledgement
      • Complete Specimen tracking
      •Test Results captured with machine interface and authorization facility
      • Cumulative result check and parallel multiple approval/verification
      • Report indication using deviation data
      • Test Repeat facility (In case of container breakage, sample haemolysed, missing, re-run).
      • Sample Dispatched to Patient Report delivered, tracking by Barcode.
      • Patient test Trends and Co-relation graphs.
      • Test note, Interpretation & Remarks can be configured by Test Report wise and Test name wise.
      • Multiple Reference range can be configured for numeric Report
      •Technician and Pathologist Can view patient Indoor History
      • Digital Signature can be configured Faculty wise
      • Sub value test can be configured i.e. CBC Absolute Count Value
      Templates stored in Microsoft Word format.

    • • Defining Stock Levels for Various Items
      • Sales Invoicing Cash, Credit & Cashless
      • Online Stock Status (Batch-wise) during Sales
      • View last 10 bills and last 10 times sales
      • Control Over Expiry/ Breakage
      • Drug Expiry and Expiry Aging Report
      • Non-moving, Slow-moving and Fast-moving Drugs Reports
      • Prescription wise Sales
      • Substitute wise Sales
      • At the time sales user can mark item for reorder.
      • pharmacy sales can be done thru barcode.
      • Barcode Reprint
      • Multiple PO Creation process
      • Multiple Purchase return process
      • Narcotics / Sch-Xindication to check Prescription
      • Profitability report
      • Purchase Sales Profitability report
      a.) date wise sales and purchase
      b.)item Category wise

      •sales and return in single report (Patient wise): in sales register
      • GST Report in Excel
      • Current Stock as on time Sales Return
      • Verification of purchase rates by Admin user
      • Supports all Tax Structures including GST
      • Various Analytical Reports on Sales & Return.
      • Purchase & Sales can be configured for Expiry.

    • A) Accounts Receivable

      • Maintenance Of Debtors
      • Generation Of Receipts
      • Generation Of Various Receivable Reports
      • Reminder Letters for Cheque Returns

      B) Accounts Payable

      • Maintenance Of Bills Payable
      • Generation of Payment Vouchers
      • Generation of Refund Vouchers
      • Merge Payment for Cheque
      • Cheque Printing
      • Generation Of Various Payable Reports

    • •Accessing all the Patients at a Particular Nursing Station
      • Patient Progress Recording & Monitoring
      • Nursing Assessment with Approval Management
      • Fall Risk & Pain Assessment in Nursing sheet at massage to consulting doctor and display on dashboard.
      • Drug Administration and Recording
      • Viewing and processing Doctors Orders
      • Treatment Sheet
      •Nursing Notes
      • Vital Chart
      • Intake and Output Recording (Fluid Chart)
      • Viewing Archived Records and Investigation Reports
      • Bed Transfer
      • Braden Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment
      • Nursing Sub Store Management
      • Discharge Intimation
      • OT Schedule Request
      • Diet Order

    • • Reports and Reminder for Renewal of License before time
      • Recording of all hospital licenses with License Name, Type, Issuing Authority, Department etc.
      • Reports and Reminder for Renewal of License before time

    • • Billing unit with Swap Card for Credit Card Transactions Time and Attendance Recording Systems with Bio-metrics, Scanners, Swap Cards etc.
      • Lab Equipment / Analyzers for Direct Transfer of Results to Repots Bar Code, Smart Card, RFID, Biometric etc.
      • FDA, Mobile Devices and Tablet PC
      • Digital Display Boards for Patient Calling System
      • Nurse Calling System of Nursing Station

    • • Exhaustive Asset Details, Copy Facility Of Asset Details
      • Capitalization Of Assets
      • Lease, Hire-Purchase, Insurance, Allotment, AMC Details, Shift Details
      • Multiple Levels Of Location For Asset
      • Transfer Of Asset with Approval.
      • Asset condemnation request and approval
      • Design Maintenance Plan for Equipments
      •Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Equipment Break-down Maintenance Registration
      • Allocation of Maintenance job to Employee/Contractor
      • Maintenance Log and Status Report

    • • Visitor management module designed to fully automate every step of the process
      • Save time by preregistering visitors and assigning arrival and departure information
      • Proper monitoring of the visitor on the screen and capturing IN & OUT time and number of hours spent visitor wise.
      • Sign unlimited visitors in/out concurrently on multiple screens
      • Manage and automatically send host notifications when a visitor arrive
      • Visitors search by Visit Code, Visitors Name, Company Name & Mobile Number
      • System generated Visitor Pass with visitors photo for future identification and emergency cases
      • Dynamically configurable fields as per the organizations structure and visit intensity
      • Reports for number of visitors –Visit Department wise, Employee wise, Company wise etc.
      • Summary and detail reports of visitors record
      • Hence, replaces the legacy paper based visitors log

    • • Doctors / Nurse can suggest Diet Category like Liquid Food. Solid Food, Semi- Solid Food. Diet Food etc
      • Diet Package / Menu plan available under 8 heads (Bed Tea, Break Fast, Healthy Drinks, Lunch, Snacks, Juice, Dinner, Milk)
      • Weekly / Monthly Menu can be configured by diet category wise
      • Special Screen for Dietitian
      • Patient Likes and Dislikes Recorded
      • Dietitian can view Patients Key Health Indicators, Drugs, Lab Results, Input /Output Investigations etc. and prescribes Diet for Patient Online
      • Dietician reviews diet prescribed by the consultants - approve or amends
      • Diet details and calories

    • • Option for Multiple Surgery for same patient in same OT
      • Standardization of each surgical procedure.
      • OT charges calculated on Surgery wise/Anesthesia type wise hourly rates
      • Surgery mapped with Surgery grade facility.
      • OT Scheduler for Scheduling, Cancellation, Re-scheduling of surgical procedure
      • Pre Surgery Checklist for Clinical Clearance
      • General Anesthesia/ Regional Anesthesia Consent
      • Pre operative Medical Evaluation
      • Pre Operative Check List with two level approval.
      • Pre Surgery checklist for clinical clearance
      • Surgical Safety check list
      • Patient Identification Chart
      • Aldrete Score Card with Approval
      • Surgery Record for capturing & archiving Operations details, personnel involved during surgery.
      • Captures and keep tracks of medical equipments associated with operation.
      • Recording of all materials and pharmacy issues to the patient during procedure.
      • Captures Diagnosis, pre / post operative and surgery notes.
      • Built-in templates to capture information and allows to design user, need specific templates.
      • Anesthesia note parameterized including Surgeon's Pre-Operative Notes, Operative Consent Surgeon's
      • Post-Operative Note
      • Surgery Before and after photo capture facility
      • Anesthesia progress note available with OT vital detail represented in progress graphs
      • Alerts for allocated dates /time of specific resource previously scheduled
      •Generation of pre-surgery list, consent forms etc.
      •Captures the Pre-Intra-Post operative notes
      • Generates activity / efficiency reports related to OT

    • •Duty Schedule for Doctors
      • Dual Method for Duty Scheduling-Via Excel File & via System defined interface.
      • Duty Schedule for Nursing Staff
      • Duty Schedule for Clinical and Non-clinical Staff
      •Schedule Printing
      •Shift Change Request and its approval.

    • • Supports Main Store & Multiple Sub Stores
      • ABC Analysis categorized by Lead Time, Consumption, Criticality.
      • Various type of parameter can pass for item master such as product type, purchase & Sales
      • Content & Instruction can be stored.
      • Tax Configuration (GST)
      • Stock Calculation on Period basis (Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
      • Stock Verification
      • Items can be mapped for each store
      • Purchase Requisition , Indent, Purchase Order Requisition, Approval Audit
      • Rate Contract
      • Purchase Order preparation with necessary information related item
      • Consignee Management
      • Gate Pass
      • Goods Receipt Note
      • Goods QC
      • Goods Receipt Note Cancel
      • Work order PO
      • Work Order Approval
      • Work Order Audit
      • Work Order Cancel (Force fully close)
      • Work order Receipt Note
      • Work Order Receipt Approval
      • Service Receipt
      • Online Bill Approval by concern HODs
      • Purchase Bill Passing with Credit Period Terms
      • Purchase Return
      • Stock Valuation Process
      • Item Issue against Requisition
      • Inter godown Transfer Approval
      • Supplier bill Status
      • Standard Terms & Condition for Purchase Order
      • Item Issue to Employee
      • Item Issued to Patient (for Bed Side)
      • Item Return From Patient
      • Item Return From Employee
      • Inventory Control tool Like MUSIC 3D
      • Reorder Level report based on item consumption, Lead Time & MUSIC -3D Approach.
      • GST Reports
      • Various Decision Support & Analytical Report.
      • Document Attachment Facility at Purchase order Level.

    • • Employee Records (Internal)
      • Employee Records (External)
      • Recruitment Process
      • Document Management (Scanning and Storage) for Employee related documents, Photo, Certificates etc.
      • Parameterized Allowances, Deductions & Salary Process
      • Attendance Administration
      • Family photograph attachment facility
      • Vaccination details of employee.
      • Online Leave, Tour, Permission Request & Approval,
      • Shift Change Permission and Approval
      • Current month Supplementary Salary Allowance and Deduction based on the previous month’s gross salary
      • Option for exclusion of concerned allowance from gross salary for various calculation i.e. previous month allowance/deduction etc
      • Arrears Calculation i.e. DA Arrears, P.F Arrears automatically for all employees or based on the category of the employee
      •Over Time Management i.e. Overtime Request, Overtime Approval, Allowance or Compensatory Off choosing option against OT
      • Configuration Screen for Overtime for dynamically configuring OT at single rate, OT at double rate, OT calculation based on allowances category wise
      • Related Allowance calculation depending on Over Time allowance
      •CSV report PF Upload
      • Dual Method for Basic Salary upload-Via Excel File & via System defined interface
      • Dynamic Investment Declaration Form as per Govt Norms for TDS Calculation
      • Special Reports for Government Departments
      • Employee Leave Verification
      • Doctor on Leave request and approval
      • Loan and LIC Administration linked to Pay slip
      • PF Reports such as Form 3A, BA, 12A, Form 5, Form 10 and more
      • Social Benefit Administration
      • Separation Process
      • Supplementary Allowance/Deduction based on previous month Salary
      • Biometrics Device Interfacing for Auto Punch of Attendance

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is TRIO HIMS the best viable solution for us as a healthcare management IT solution?

    TRIO HIMS, the ultra-modern hospital management system, is a comprehensive solution designed to manage all the core aspects of healthcare centre operations from patient management to administrative tasks. This system uses licence free software, brings down the total cost of ownership of the product, and improves the overall productivity of the organisation by bringing in quality practices.

  • Schedule a demo appointment with us by selecting date and time here. You can also email us to schedule an appointment at Feel free to call us +91 9021 023 456 or if you’re located in pune, you can visit our local office as well.

  • HIMS software is designed as per the healthcare enterprise's requirements and as we offer high-level of customised solutions tailored to your requirement, we are not able to list one fixed cost of the application. We request you to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and get a quotation for the same. We assure you to provide the application solution at a competitive price.

  • Yes, we do. We provide training to all users as per the defined user role such as; doctor, nurse, executive, lab technician, billing and finance, HR, etc. Apart from practical in-person training, we also offer help manuals and video tutorials for better understanding and improved efficiency.

  • Our support executive team can be reached with either of these options; Email, Telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, Remote Connection available in the application.
    Please note that all the complaints raised within the application are reviewed and escalated to the support team who will work for you to solve the issue at the earliest.

  • No, there isn’t any specific knowledge requirement for using HIMS software/application. The application is user-friendly, and even a novice user can easily operate the system.

  • Prior to the installation of the HIMS system application, make sure that the server, computers, networking, and internet connection are available and operational. The highly experienced hospital infrastructure development team at TRIO is available to help you in analysing your current setup and suggesting new equipment’s installation in a cost effective manner.

  • The application provides benefits to the administrator, who will be able to manage all users, define their roles and assign required access to the system. It will also provide access to all data and reports such as login log files, MIS reports, and so on.

  • HIMS application provides secure access control control and data encryption. It also keeps regular backup of your database which ensures 100% safety, confidentiality and continuity of your business. Data backup and data recovery, both, are accurate and efficient.


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"To make this software as suitable as possible for our benefit and our daily OPD use and in patient use."

Dr. Dhiraj Surana, Consulting Eye Surgeon

"I am very happy with the software, this is very user friendly"

Dr. Suhas Kulkarni, Paediatrician

"I've tried many software and they were no so much use for me. Then I come to contact with TRIO team. They developed a personalised software for me which is very useful and it saves all the information which is required like all the past history, family history and more."

Dr. Shishir Jirge, General Surgeon

"The software is meant for the hospital and I recommend this software to all the doctors in my region or anywhere in India."

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"I'm able to see more number of patients in very less time, can send online messages, and get all the registers updated with the software. I recommend this to all other gynaecologist, It is must have software now-a-days"

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